Why we do what we do

At Chiyoda we believe that a pleasant environment promotes the satisfaction and well-being of the end users. It is our aim to help our customers as a reliable partner and to create the right solutions for the purpose. By doing so, we want to increase customer satisfaction, contribute to the prosperity of our stakeholders and above all improve life quality while respecting the world in which we live.

How we do it

To ensure that Chiyoda is (or becomes) the privileged partner of its customers, we carry out an intensive dialogue aimed to create authentic life worlds based on what end users consider important, relevant and meaningful.

What we do

Finally we offer our customers innovative premium decors and printed material for all continents and lifestyles. These can be used for a wide range of applications and are suitable for a variety of technical carriers.

CHIYODA - original decors made in Belgium!

Company Presentation



Recycling is a must for us. We make sure that storage, processing, handling, transport and disposal of materials are made with very high responsibility for the environment. We always separate our waste. Decorative paper, packaging material, films and metals are returned to the material cycle for processing. Waste wood, particleboard and residual waste produce thermal energy. We only dispose of hazardous substances by specialized companies.

Contribution to the protection of the environment is extremely important for us. We adjust our production processes as much as possible to minimising the adverse impact on the environment. The water we use is constantly monitored. In addition, we have the quality of our wastewater checked and certified by external authorities on a regular basis.Our papers and bobbins and spools are certified by Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) which means that they are made from wood coming exclusively from sustainable forestry.