“automaton” is the term for a machine that can move and do things without being controlled by somebody.

“automaton” represents the furnishing style that tries to create a face for the digital world and its achievements.

We live in an age in which ever more complex processes are being stripped right back down to 0 and 1 so that they can then be controlled by computers. Going forward, it would seem that people will no longer be the ones subject to moral and emotional judgements. This is down to the fact that computerised machines are becoming more human by the day. It’s happening to furniture and kitchens, too, as so-called “smart furniture” is even expected to be able to take over the household tasks that were once left to us humans. Given the increasing number of single-occupancy households, this type of furniture is set to become a truly useful companion.

”automaton” describes the design trend that quite clearly represents this development. Products such as computers and household electrical goods, which rely heavily on technology, are constantly becoming more readily available in rounded, softer shapes.

Some technical products, on the other hand, have been overhauled with a more cool and sleek finish.

The design process is generally both discreet and quiet. These materials are often transparent, boasting touch-sensitive surfaces and functions. As for the choice of textiles, this includes non-woven fabrics, other compacted materials, or meshed knitted fabrics.