Bohemian Bucia

Bohemian, or “Boho”, decoration is for those who want to see their home full of life, culture and interesting objects from all over the world. “Boho” is modern and embraces the carefree, relaxed and unusual. “Boho” rooms are always eclectic and above all no room looks the same. “Boho” is inspired by people who lead an unconventional life: travelers, actors, writers. Their style includes these ideals and combines objects, colors and patterns from many areas of life and many regions of the world. For CHIYODA’s future décor developments this trend is one of the core trends of the coming seasons. Bucia fits perfectly as a decor for furniture, flooring, walls or tabletops into the “Boho-World”.

Feel free to mix patterns and textures, and don’t be afraid to use styles that wouldn’t necessarily go together in a conventional way.
Bucia is the perfect base – or coordinate décor for an unconventional “mix and match” look. The creative vintage structure of Bucia can be coloured in many colourways from pale ecru to a deep warm brown. So, just start to “mix and match” in your product collection with décor Bucia and be “Boho”!