Charming Carisma

Textiles have always been a fundamental part of our life. From the clothes we wear, to the furniture we use… But except from having a functional purpose, it has also evolved to a form of art all around the world and in several different cultures. For centuries textiles have been used for decorative purposes and to express creativity.

Also, today designer use textiles from decorating interiors to conceptual art installations. Handmade creativity like embroidery, stitching – and hand painted effects have a big come-back in the design world, as it brings authenticity to the product. Yarn is used as painting and sculpting material.

Our décor ‘Carisma’ responds to this trend in a delicate way. ‘Carisma’ combines the structure of a textile with a modern allover décor. Whether it is used for furniture, kitchen, table tops or even flooring and walls, ‘Carisma’ brings creativity, charm and style to your interior products. We will also offer a range of metallic lightly reflecting colorways – wonderful light and sometimes romantic colours to “charm” your future product collections.