Creative Spaces


Today, “off-key” and “non-conformist”” are “straight” and “mainstream”. It is becoming increasingly difficult for young persons to differentiate themsel- ves from their parents by their dress and their furnishings. Because “out” is “in”. Under the motto “creative spaces”, Chiyoda has weighed up the options of conformed non-conformity and developed or assigned the appropriate decors.

Our first own home – which of us can ́t remember that? Whether just a room in a shared apartment, a room in a student dormitory or a small individual rented apartment – the furnishings revealed a mixture of limited financial means combined with some contributions from our parents ́ home and a few new purchases as a shy attempt to document our own living style. In other words: “Hardly anything matches”. But somehow or other, it also reflected the independence and non-conformance of the resident. Now we have the question as to how today ́s students and career starters live and how they furnish their homes when they wish to bring their own ideas into play – because the style of the non-conformists and supposedly independent people has become part of the main- stream. Also, in today ́s attempt of the world of fashion and furnishings always to be at the latest status, the permanent search in the areas of the design “outlaws” has become a compulsory exercise. By moving the borders, and with increasing rapidity, the established world of design is preventing the attempts of the design rebels to break out. As a result, the blurring of the borders between in and out has become part of the creative process.

The interior furnishing scheme of trend conscious households has become a patchwork interior. Where upholstered furniture in front of wall cupboards previously demonstrated the degree of conformance of the resident, to- day we see a crazy mixture of furniture items, perhaps in front of an amateurishly plastered wall, which in the past would only have been good enough for a high-rise parking lot or a factory bay.

Author: Frank Stein for CHIYODA