For anyone feeling as though life in the digital age is just too safe, state-of-the-art software can allow them to reach the other side of the digital firewall. This means getting a taste of where life’s true challenges – i.e. in reality rather than on the screen – can be experienced and mastered, so that they can then share their own confident attitude and performance on the network. The ideal interior design trend for people like this is “instinct”, whose materials, surfaces and finishing touches offer a piece of the wild unknown within their own four walls.

We live in a world where we try to minimise the risks of life in a bid to keep everything under control. Some people only really notice the environment around them through their mobile phone (as a selfie background). Real life with all its dangers and fortuities no longer seems to reach us. This is increasingly perceived as a loss, as our natural appreciation for what we need in life and the ability to then behave instinctively threatens to fall by the wayside.

Anyone looking to get back to the original way of the world, if only in their free time, has to climb over the fence of this guarded and controlled world and dare to venture into the Wi-Fi-free beyond, relying only on their instincts until their return.

Depending on their preferences and the level of risk involved, these bold adventurers expose themselves to the dangers of the mountains, oceans or other extreme forms of nature, which now have to be survived without a safety net.

“instinct” is the popular choice for those finding themselves back at home with renewed insights after all of these adventures, or equally for anyone who has not yet dared to take the last decisive step into the wilderness but still wants to experience it at home.

The furniture in this range is made of materials with unusual, weathered structures that have a tale to tell, demonstrating that real life never looks as if it has just come straight from the factory. Similarly, even the fabrics are made of natural materials such as cotton, linen and leather – or else unmistakeable imitations of these – complete with flaws or signs of wear to underline their authenticity and uniqueness. And as for the colour palette, these are reminiscent of rocks or the horizon on a stormy day.