Our decor VIVARA is the marble decor with that certain something. Due to the colour-coordinated marble veining, VIVARA does not only look elegant and exclusive but also really extraordinary. read more


Our decor EDIDA WOOD is digital alienation on wood – Abstract nested lines transform a wood to a trendy fantasy decor with “a touch of nature”. EDIDA WOOD is the ideal solution for all who are searching for something special, for those who want an extraordinary design aspect for their furniture surfaces, kitchens or walls. read more


Did you know that there are over 1300 different types of acacia? Acacia is an exotic wood that originally comes from Asia and Africa. As a type of wood it is widespread all over the world: in Hawaii canoes and ukuleles are made from it, in the Philippines, it is mainly used for shipbuilding. We at CHIYODA have created a “new” type of acacia, the WHITE ACACIA with a brushed surface effect and a whitewashed look. WHITE ACACIA impresses with a very beautiful play of colours, wonderful depth and details – just perfect for the entire interior area, furniture, cabinets, kitchens… read more


Wood decors bring atmosphere and cosiness to every interior. Our decor STOCKHOLM is the ideal solution for all who are searching for something special, for those who want an extraordinary design aspect that so-called “certain something” for their furniture surfaces, kitchens or walls. STOCKHOLM is available in many fashionable colours – or even better, you can create exactly the right colour for your exclusive design project together with us, your CHIYODA team. read more

Tender oak “forever”

If you are looking for a decor for universal use for every furnishing application, oak is always the first choice. Our TENDER OAK in particular has what it takes to become a classic. Whether in natural oak colours or in trendy hues like anthracite and concrete grey, TENDER OAK convinces with wonderful fine details and a gorgeous colour play. read more


Marble decors have been very trendy for some time. But for many people, marble is too classic. If you love modern stone structures but still looking for a touch of elegance, our stone decor VERSO is the right choice. VERSO combines the typical marble veining with the natural structure of a stone decor. In lighter grey tones, VERSO is even reminiscent of concrete, just great for all up to date interiors.  VERSO is the modern combination of naturalness and elegance. read more

Minster Chestnut – the revival of elegance

Welcome to the New Design Year 2020! The design fairs in January showed that furniture becomes more elegant again – the days of extreme rusticness are over. The consumer appreciates now the high-quality look of nut wood species, which have a very homely feel with their fine wood grain and warm brown tones. The beginning of the 20th century and the golden twenties inspire many furniture designers to create elegant designs. Minster Chestnut combines liveliness with elegance. A fine and detailed wood grain in a wonderfully curved movement – perfect for the “revival” of elegance. read more

Merry Christmas – with Visby Ash!

Our decor Visby Ash is a wood decor that makes every room cosy with wonderful colour ranges from light natural wood tones to deep warm browns. The wood grain is subtle and yet very detailed, small knots and irregularities perfect the picture. Especially modern furnishings with their clear and sometimes strict forms require a bit of comfort. Visby Ash brings just that. Especially at Christmas time, we would like to enjoy all the comfort and warmth in our home. Candles, Christmas decoration, a Christmas tree and Visby Ash as a furniture decor all this contribute to the Christmas spirit. Chiyoda wishes you and your family… read more

Noce Milan – Walnut with class

Mid-Century Design is currently very trendy. This explains the increased demand for fine walnut woods. No other wood goes better with precious materials such as marble, brass, gold and silver. That is why we have developed the decor Noce Milan – it is an exclusive walnut decor with cut branches and flowers. The beautiful colour gradients and the fine details in the wood grain make this decor a real “gem”. No matter if you are looking for a decor for your high quality furniture or exclusive kitchen collection, with Noce Milan you can inspire your customers with a “touch”… read more

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