Brushed Alder – one decor for multiple interior styles.

Our new décor Brushed Alder impresses with a very fine and detailed wood drawing and brings a touch of Scandinavia. The excellent play of colours guarantees beautiful wood colours from light to dark. Dark brown wood colours change the image of Brushed Alder into an expensive and exclusive look – perfect for the luxurious interior styles of today. On the other hand, Brushed Alder fits in brighter shades ideally to a modern and young interior design style. Whatever you prefer – Brushed Alder is the ultimate choice for contemporary furniture surfaces.  … read more

MAGMA – the art of décor

“Magma” is a decor of the “artistic kind”. The structure is reminiscent of the canvas of an artist of the past, aged by the passage of time. Brushstrokes alternating with the structure of oil paint create a delicate play of light and shadow. In contrast, the use of metallic pigments in the colouring gives a sense of 21st century design. The tension that arises makes “Magma” unique. “Magma” is suitable for a variety of applications in surface design – whether it is furniture, wall or floor, “Magma” makes every surface unique…just like a piece of art. read more

INGLAM- the new dimension of stone décor

If you are looking for a décor with a variety of applications then Inglam is the right choice. Whether furniture, table tops or flooring Inglam always fits. Like no other stone décor Inglam has a “multi-look effect”: a different color scheme turns Inglam from granite optic into a fine-grained concrete structure or even into a metal design with a metallic effect. One thing remains – Inglam looks always authentic!… read more

Interzum 2019 – a huge success

What an Interzum event for CHIYODA this year in Cologne: A brand new stand concept which captivated with an innovative, transparent and unique look. Like a CHIYODA decor, the CHIYODA booth always offered new and exciting impressions from every angle. Thank you! We would like to thank all our visitors and the CHIYODA employees that you all made it possible to make this event so successful, unique and unforgettable. read more

EVOLVE the new trend concept for 2020

The fast changes of the digital age influence our life enormously and changed our way of living tremendously. “EVOLVE” shows how this influences the look of new décor design. “EVOLVE” means to continue to develop, to break new ground in design. We would be very happy to show you how to “EVOLVE“ with the newest trends and innovative decors at our Interzum booth. We are looking forward to your visit! See you at Interzum Hall 6, Stand B 48 / C 49!… read more

„Jabloka“ – the style of mid-century

Mid-Century design spanned from about 1933 to 1965 and included architecture as well as industrial, interior, and graphic design. Designers such as Charles and Ray Eames, Arne Jacobsen, and George Nelson created iconic furniture and lighting that are still highly desired. This unique design trend influences still today’s designers. Furniture, accessories and interior concepts that pick-up design ideas of this movement are very fashionable also this season. Especially tropical wood décors for furniture exemplify the chic simplicity of mid-century design. That is why we developed our décor “Jabloka”. This décor bribes us with its warm rich brown tones… read more

“Bronx” – the dark side of the moon

Mark Twain wrote once something very interesting: “Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.” The moon does not only inspire writers but also designers. Colour concepts that pick-up colours of space are extremely fashionable this season: black and white, structures and patterns reminiscent of the surfaces of uninhabited celestial bodies. Our new decor “Bronx” takes up all this – “Bronx” shows an extraordinary structure which looks like the lunar surface or the surface of an asteroid. “Bronx” gives the black & white look the “galactic” twist Whether rich in contrast… read more

Le Chic Néorustique

The new rustic chic has not a lot in common with the stuffy feel of past traditional style. Today’s rustic chic mixes modern, ethnic and mid-century design items with a lot of rustic woods. “Smokey Oak” has the roughed appeal of an exposed and weathered oak. This décor makes furniture look natural and homey. We named this décor “Smokey Oak” because of its colour range which reminds of smoked wood. Warm and darker colour hues are enhancing the super natural wood grains. The touch of natural imperfection makes “Smokey Oak” perfect for the “chic néorustique”.  … read more

Black & Burned

Have you heard of shou sugi ban? It is a centuries-old Japanese technique for preserving and finishing wood by charring it with fire. Our designers are fascinated by this wood treatment and are sure that this is one of the upcoming wood trends. Treating wood with fire, alienates the look of the wood and therefore creates a transformation into a black fractured surface. This look inspired us to create our new décor “Aiko”. “Aiko” captivates in noble black with a design structure reminiscent of burned wood, but it is not a copy of nature, thus it generates a completely… read more

Leistone – simply “Flemish”

Décor “Leistone” is our new interpretation of a slate surface. The structure and appeal of real slate is captured in a modern décor which can be adapted for multiple surfaces as table tops, kitchens, walls, floors and more. Leistone can be combined with any kind of colours, the temperate but very realistic slate structure fits to all kind of interior styles. Whether you prefer a more elegant or rustic style, “Leistone” suits everything – the perfect surface structure for countless furnishing products. Leistone and blue. Currently, our designers are particularly inspired by blue tones and our room settings show that the mix of fresh and sombre blue… read more

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