Bohemian Bucia

Bohemian, or “Boho”, decoration is for those who want to see their home full of life, culture and interesting objects from all over the world. “Boho” is modern and embraces the carefree, relaxed and unusual. “Boho” rooms are always eclectic and above all no room looks the same. “Boho” is inspired by people who lead an unconventional life: travelers, actors, writers. Their style includes these ideals and combines objects, colors and patterns from many areas of life and many regions of the world. For CHIYODA’s future décor developments this trend is one of the core trends of the coming seasons. read more

Charming Carisma

Textiles have always been a fundamental part of our life. From the clothes we wear, to the furniture we use… But except from having a functional purpose, it has also evolved to a form of art all around the world and in several different cultures. For centuries textiles have been used for decorative purposes and to express creativity. Also, today designer use textiles from decorating interiors to conceptual art installations. Handmade creativity like embroidery, stitching – and hand painted effects have a big come-back in the design world, as it brings authenticity to the product. Yarn is used as painting… read more

Gold Rush

Metallic has been the focus for designers since several seasons. So far, the use of metal optics has been limited mainly to design accessories, but today, any kind of furniture could be enhanced with metal optics. Whether gold, rose gold, silver or bronze – metallic is in vogue. Completely new are now also matte metal looks. Chiyoda has developed a new innovative decor especially for this look: UNICO. Unique as its name suggests, UNICO combines matte metallic effects with a creative spatula structure! Spatula optics are well known when it comes to concrete looks, mostly these structures give a rather rough touch… read more

Concrete reloaded

Concrete has been for some seasons the material and surface for modern design interiors. Concrete gives a cool clear look, perfectly for all contemporary interior decoration. Concrete has become an almost “classic” material in the design world. Our Design Team at Chiyoda was searching for a way to make concrete look different. When our designers combined free artistic brushstrokes with an authentic concrete structure they created a new look for concrete surfaces – the décor “Brush”. “Brush” creates a stunning artistic effect for any kind of interior surface like furniture, kitchen, wall panels and flooring. “Brush” up your interior products!… read more

Opposites attract

Who said distressed optics are perfect for country interior? It was true for the past few years but now a brand-new trend is just entering the interior design world. “Opposites attract”- the combination of aged distressed surfaces with ultra-modern looks. Naama Agassi a designer from Tel Aviv is creating design objects which capture this trend. Our décor Aiko is perfect for “Opposites attract” – it looks like a wooden board which has been painted over and over again through many decades. You just have to place this décor on a furniture or any other surface and combine it with an… read more

Marble Mania

Marble optics are more in trend than ever! Several design fair events of 2017 like Milan Furniture Show, Maison&Objet in Paris and the world’s biggest tile fair Cersaie in Bologna focused on marble. Marble fits perfectly to that mid-century style which we all love so much. Design Classics from the 50ies and 60ies go along perfectly with any kind of marble. That’s why we developed “Brinjar” a beautiful marble décor which brings class, modernity and exclusiveness to any kind of surface in interior design. read more

Tropical Dream

Now that summer is nearly over and we all are coming back from vacation, who does not want to extend the holiday feeling with an interior decoration that brings a tropical flair into your home. Even if the weather outside is bad – bright vivid colours in combination with a lot of green, either real palm trees or palms and leaves printed on textiles or wallcovering, this will brighten up your mood. Ready for a “tropical dream”? if yes, the best companion to this new trend are tropical wood decors like our brand-new design “Garden Teak”, available in many super… read more

Bohemian Blues

A family home in the truest sense, a place that put those that enter at ease. That is what the different shades of blue in your home can give you; a sense of freshness, creativity and tranquility. Blue is a calming color, great for using in bathrooms and bedrooms. The color blue is also suitable for reception areas as it can be formal, conservative and balancing. Décor Chicago – perfect for sophisticated work environment and homes. read more


When it comes to today’s digital age, modern lifestyle trends really are speaking the right language. Even trends that might initially appear to be a deliberate shift away from the phenomena of this era would hardly be conceivable in their current form without the success of the Internet. With this in mind, “LINK-UP” is the all-encompassing motto that unites each and every one of these trends. As much of a paradox as it may sound, in fact, even those who want to live offline first have to get online to be able to then switch off. Thanks to the latest… read more


“automaton” is the term for a machine that can move and do things without being controlled by somebody. “automaton” represents the furnishing style that tries to create a face for the digital world and its achievements. We live in an age in which ever more complex processes are being stripped right back down to 0 and 1 so that they can then be controlled by computers. Going forward, it would seem that people will no longer be the ones subject to moral and emotional judgements. This is down to the fact that computerised machines are becoming more human by the… read more

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