Bohemian Blues

A family home in the truest sense, a place that put those that enter at ease. That is what the different shades of blue in your home can give you; a sense of freshness, creativity and tranquility. Blue is a calming color, great for using in bathrooms and bedrooms. The color blue is also suitable for reception areas as it can be formal, conservative and balancing. Décor Chicago – perfect for sophisticated work environment and homes. read more


When it comes to today’s digital age, modern lifestyle trends really are speaking the right language. Even trends that might initially appear to be a deliberate shift away from the phenomena of this era would hardly be conceivable in their current form without the success of the Internet. With this in mind, “LINK-UP” is the all-encompassing motto that unites each and every one of these trends. As much of a paradox as it may sound, in fact, even those who want to live offline first have to get online to be able to then switch off. Thanks to the latest… read more


“automaton” is the term for a machine that can move and do things without being controlled by somebody. “automaton” represents the furnishing style that tries to create a face for the digital world and its achievements. We live in an age in which ever more complex processes are being stripped right back down to 0 and 1 so that they can then be controlled by computers. Going forward, it would seem that people will no longer be the ones subject to moral and emotional judgements. This is down to the fact that computerised machines are becoming more human by the… read more


“bioplanet” describes how – optimised with the possibilities of the digital age – today’s hot trend of sustainability is reflected in residential interior design. The subjects of sustainability and environmental protection are huge trends that have been affecting not only the food industry, but also the clothing and furnishing sectors for many years. Nevertheless, these trends have changed over time to the point where they have long since reached the mainstream in various different forms. Even the technological innovations of the digital era in particular have not left these trends unaffected. ”bioplanet” therefore refers to the most up-to-date manifestation of… read more


For anyone feeling as though life in the digital age is just too safe, state-of-the-art software can allow them to reach the other side of the digital firewall. This means getting a taste of where life’s true challenges – i.e. in reality rather than on the screen – can be experienced and mastered, so that they can then share their own confident attitude and performance on the network. The ideal interior design trend for people like this is “instinct”, whose materials, surfaces and finishing touches offer a piece of the wild unknown within their own four walls. We live in… read more


“reculture” stands for the love of the rebirth or recreation of design classics with the help of – or in combination with – the most contemporary digital technology. What has time got to do with all of the beautiful things in life? The answer is that it limits them in two ways – not only in terms of how long they last, but also how long they remain beautiful. In the present digital age, however, this factor has lost much of the significance it held perhaps most strongly of all in the machine age. This is down to the… read more

Modern Gothic style

The romantic Victorian style covered in a dark, sinister deep grey/black color, golden chandeliers, floral/fauna wallpapers who look like big obscure paintings, dark green Chesterfield armchairs, … These eclectic range of items are some of the ingredients for the Modern Gothic Style, an archaic, but also feminine and luscious style. You can place our ‘Zink’ décor as a worktop in a Gothic styled Kitchen in combination with Burgundy red cupboards. read more

Pretty in Pink!

A new way in 2017 to dress up your home or office in a warm and neutral atmosphere, is the use of a pale pink color… Such kind of pink has for instance the ability to combine perfectly with a warm, exotic wooden floor or furniture… Pink is an ideal background for paintings, pictures or other decorative objects in your home… they will flourish! Our décor ‘Look’ in a pastel pink color has just enough style and elegancy to make you notice it without overwhelming you.  … read more

Just “Green” but….

….one of the hottest trends of today and one which will continue in 2017, is to have houseplants in your home…not only in your living room, but also in the kitchen (definitely in the kitchen!) the hallway, even in the bathroom, … We love nature! The freshness of the green in combination with a nice marble like our decor ‘Carrara Royal’ looks just great. The options are endless… Chiyoda is also going “Green”, we are FSC approved concerning our printing papers.          … read more

‘Green Living’ look for Apple store in London

“Green Living” is one of the mega trends of today. Even  APPLE was seeking out this look for the brand new flagship store in London, Regent Street. Real trees and the use of natural light coloured wooden furniture create a complementary yet super modern interior. It nearly looks like Apple was inspired by one of CHIYODA’s main trend themes for 2016: Composed Spaces…  😉… read more

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