Nostalgic Spaces


If we can reawaken something beautiful and costly from the past even better and more simply by means of today ́s possibilities, then we should do so. At least, if we wish to remain in trend. Un- der the name “nostalgic spaces”, Chiyoda presents decor developments, which illustrate the themes of yesterday in such a way that they are once again in demand today.

The inclusion of phenomena from the past has become an important module of “new” models in the furnishing and fashion segment. As a result, the retro-style has progressed to being an essential form of expression in the fashion and design segment – if it was not so already. In consequence, there are already some fashion magazines on the market, which define themselves only through the retro-the- me (e.g. “Heritage Post”).

Even the style of the future frequently reveals itself to be a retro-future-style. In recent years, we revived the futurism of the 1950 ́s (Space- ship Orion) or the futurism of the 1970 ́s (Star Wars). And at present, the last-named project is being brought to life for the third time by a new cinema film.

The increasing importance of the retro-theme can also be seen in the increasingly rapid re- petition of the proclaimed retro-trends. Just now, different retro-themes are being shown at the same time in the various media and by different furniture labels.

The fashion of the 1950`s is already going through its third or fourth revival. Especially in demand is the time of the late 1950 ́s and early 1960`s, which by means of Scandinavian design evoke the feeling of regained prosperity after World War II.
But, as already stated, there can be no revival without a contemporary modification. We want to have a portable radio or a Bakelite telephone, which arouses a feeling of nostalgia in us, but it must be capable of being networked, via an app, with the computer or iPhone. And furniture having a nostalgic appearance should meet the demands of con- temporary furniture. But also in design, subtle borrowings from current aesthetics must be recognizable, or else the product would be simply old, but not in trend.

Author: Frank Stein for CHIYODA